Our Boracay Trip and 10 Things I’ll Never Forget About It

If I could get a dollar for all the times I’ve planned a Boracay trip that got cancelled, I’d be filthy rich by now. I’ve actually lost count of how many times I had to watch my dreams go down the drain and talking about those botched plans in the past still breaks my heart.

9 Perks of Having Your Own Place

What were your daydreams mostly about when you were a kid? Mine’s always about growing up fast and living on my own with no one telling me what and what not to do.

Why I Left My Job Even If I Had Enough Reason To Stay

Aahh morning commutes like this…when your body literally cannot wait to get home and drop dead on your bed but your brain is trying to fight it like bitch we ain’t there yet and it’s obviously not working so you just sit there miserably embarrassing yourself. This girl was me at some point and I’m done with it.